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Back in late September CTeezy and I wrote about LQMT – Liquidmetal Techolologies. At the time they were fresh off signing a master transaction agreement with Apple which meant Apple had exclusive rights to use Liquidmetal for consumer technology products. The speculation was that they would use it in the new iPhone or iPad or […]

For those of you that follow my trades on Covestor you may have noticed that in late August I purchased shares of LQMT (Liquidmetal Technologies). CTeezy made mention of this purchase in early September. I have to admit, I’m actually really upset I didn’t find out about LQMT back in early August when shares could […]

I’ll be the first to admit that this stock never was really on my radar until a couple of days ago.  For quite some time now, it seems like all investment advisors are telling you that Chinese industries are a good place to invest your money.  I don’t know if I completely buy into that […]