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Let’s take a look at AEterna Zentaris, Inc. AEZS is an oncology drug development company that is currently working on a NDA for their leading Phase 3 product, Solorel, which is an oral diagnostic test to catch Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency. The NDA should be completed sometime this year. They are also using the Investor […]

Technical Analysis: SPEX

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Happy new year everyone! I was kinda laying low for awhile and took some time off from looking at the market every day (which is very good to do from time to time). To update you from my previous post (back in October…..eek), I was still in on SPEX and had actually bought in a […]

Rollercoaster Ride: Spherix

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What a crazy day today was! In case you didn’t hear, Spherix announced that their Phase 3 Trial of D-Tagatose for treatment of Type 2 Diabetes revealed satistically significant reduction in HbA1c (blood glucose) levels. This shot the stock all the way up to as high as 2.80 Pre-Market! I was pretty stoked, since this […]

I stumbled across this today even though it’s a week old. Spherix announced that it’s Phase 3 product, D-Tagatose, “has been selected as one of the top 10 most promising cardiovascular/metabolic therapies in development,” according to a business analyst group assembled by Windhover Information. Spherix plans to announce the Phase 3 results in the next […]

What to Watch For: OXGN

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I was searching through some stocks today and stumbled across this little gem that definitely popped up on many traders’ scanners: OXGN. The company, OXiGENE, Inc, just revealed positive results in a Phase 2/3 trial of it’s lead candidate ZYBRESTAT, which is working on a treatment against non-small cell lung cancer. As a result, shares […]


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Observing the market, I noticed an old friend of mine GNVC jumped 16% on the day alone, going up to .58 AH.  I was pretty disappointed in this because, having put so much research into this company, knew that they had a lot going for them and that .45 a few days before was the […]

Observing the Market

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After Thursday’s huge drop, many questioned what’s going on with the market.  Are we looking at another October 2008 crash?  Probably not.  Time heals wounds, and people (especially short-term traders) tend to forget what happened weeks ago, which is what I feel is going to happen here.  Now I don’t know of anything to be […]

DDSS up over 12% on the day

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Labopharm busted through a tough resistance point in the mid 1.50s to end up at 1.65 at the close and 1.67 AH.  I would say that I knew this was going to happen all along (hell, I even posted about this happening a couple months back).  But truthfully, I did not expect this.  No news, volume […]

ACAD up 15% today

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Acadia Pharmaceuticals broke though a tough resistance point today, some time after 11am this morning, and skyrocketed up to highs it hasn’t seen since October.  It’s up to 1.84 after hours without much news at all.  Although I am excited about this jump, I feel as though it will need to retest a new support […]

What to watch for: ACAD

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O&T has had a rough couple of weeks, especially with the news regarding GNVC stopping their Phase III trial of TNFerade on pancreatic cancer.  All we heard from this drug was positive news, unlike CTIC and their drug Pixantrone.  Regardless, GNVC has some potential to get back up to where it was last month, but […]