Apologies for the lack of posting the last few days.  I’ve been spending a lot of my time the last few days finishing up my taxes for 2009 and let me tell you, once you start making some serious coin trading stocks, it is important to remember that every capital gain that you make WILL get taxed.  A smart move is to just set aside 30% of each gain that you make so that you don’t get blindsided come tax season.  Anyways, now that everything is taken care of – here’s a quick update on the stocks that I’m currently playing:

  • GNVC (GenVec) – Currently my home-run hitter in my portfolio.  CTeezy talked a  bit about GNVC a few weeks ago but truth be told, we’ve been following this company for quite some time now.  In a nutshell, GenVec is currently in Phase III testing for a revolutionary new cancer treatment called TNFerade. Studies have shown that TNFerade successfully suppresses the metastases of cancer and as a result can increase the lifespan of anyone stricken by the disease.  Interim data on the PACT trial (pancreatic cancer) should be released within the next few weeks.  The last time results were announced back in January the stock price shot up to the $3.30 range.  If similar news is announced this time around, we could see new highs in the $4 – $5 range.
  • DDSS (Labopharm, Inc) – Another stock mentioned by both CTeezy and myself.  Less of a homerun hitter than GNVC but more of a play with some guaranteed upside.  Labopharm recieved approval for its anti-depressant OLEPTRO.  At a conference last week in Boston, the president of OLEPTRO seemed very excited about the possibility of finding a partner to begin producing and marketing this drug in the U.S. at some point this year.  Shares were offered earlier this year at a price of 1.70 per share so its only a matter of time that we begin to see the stock price rising.  The day that a partnership is announced should be a good day for any owners of DDDS.
  • CDII (China Direct Industries, Inc.) – Mentioned as a momentum play already, CDII has taken it sweet time getting noticed by investors.  I’ve picked up some shares around the 1.57 level as I believe this to be the bottom for CDII.  Rumor has it that they have agreed to sell off 90k shares of CNAM which was up huge last week.  Once this connection is made (or once CDII puts out some PR to talk about these gains) we should see this begin to climb up to $2 per share
  • PESI (Perma-fix Environmental Solutions, Inc.) – Wasn’t even on my radar until last week when they reported 4Q earnings results with revenues increasing 20.8% to $28.4 million.  In today’s economy, huge jumps in revenues like this don’t seem to come by very often.  Shares peaked around $2.50 the day these results were announced and I felt fortunate to pick up some shares on the pullback.  Looking at the 5year chart, I can see that PESI was once trading in the 3.00 range back in 2008.  With revenues higher now than they were back then, it only makes sense that this stock is still undervalued.  I’m targeting $3.00 on PESI over the next month or so.