Back in late September CTeezy and I wrote about LQMT – Liquidmetal Techolologies. At the time they were fresh off signing a master transaction agreement with Apple which meant Apple had exclusive rights to use Liquidmetal for consumer technology products. The speculation was that they would use it in the new iPhone or iPad or Macbook. On the news of the signing the price of LQMT spiked to as high as 1.76 before eventually closing at .82. With no official deal in place it was unsure if Apple was just playing it safe by ensuring no competitors could gain an advantage over their technology by using this or if they actually planned to use this in their own products. the former case would mean no potential profits for LQMT. The latter could mean royalties for each new iPads/iPods/Macbooks sold in 2011 – YIKES!

Well – today the news has been leaked that the next generation Macbook Pros will be constructed using liquid metal. The stock, which opened at .64 shot up to as high as .84 before settling around .79 at the close. This is the highest close since the original news of Apple signing an agreement with LQMT back in August. The signs have been there for a couple of weeks now. Just recenty the Apple website changed its web design to use a darker color more in line with the color of liquidmetal. One would have to think that if LQMT makes sense for Macbook Pro’s – it might also be included in iPhone5 and iPad2. History tells us we wont the details of that until sometime in June.

In any case, LQMT looks like its about to breakout to uncharted territory should any official word come from Apple on the use of this technology. I mean it makes perfect sense to do so. Wouldn’t be shocked to see this run past $1 very soon.