It’s been quite some time since our last post and most of that has to do with increased work schedules. Teezy and I have been focusing on honing our skills on trying to figure out how the options markets work. In the past I’ve done pretty well trading options and I’ve also made some terrible moves. I once sold CENX shares 3 days too soon before they would have went from a small loss to a +9000 gain! In the next year I loaded options on CSCO and lost nearly 2500. It was then I knew I was a bit in over my head.

Early in 2011 the big news in the tech world was centered around a technology called NFC (Near Field Communicatoins). Rumor has it that phones will have NFC chips embedded into them so that things can be purchased/scanned via your mobile phones. Could change the way that business is done and do away with cash and plastic credit cards.

So how to invest in this technology? Through companies that make the NFC chips and companies that make the processors in mobile phones. With demand for iPhones and Android phones on the rise it wont be long before NFC chips are in high demand. I made small plays in NFC chip maker NXPI and some in ARMH (mobile phone processors). After a few rough patches I was able to sell both sets of contracts for about a 1000 gain overall. Probably could have been $2000 if I timed it better though.

The other play was TSLA options. They produces the top of the line electric cars (think sports cars). If the economy begins to boom and the gov’t gives tax breaks for owning electric cars then you know these copmpanies will begin to thrive. Just a matter of time really…