Here are a few stocks I’ll be looking over the next couple of weeks:

1) DDSS – With a news conference coming up on Thursday, I don’t think the price will skyrocket up, but I do think we’ll hear some good news out of the company.  I’ll be looking to hopefully grab some shares before the conference.  Right now it’s hovering right where I thought it would, at $1.52.

2) BCLI – Brainstorm Cell Therapeutic develops stem-cell therapeutic products that, three months ago, found it’s products to have a positive result on treating neurodegenerative diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, on a mouse model.  Last week it secured funding to conduct clinical trials and offered 6 million shares to 3 investors at the price of February 11’s 30-day moving average, which was $.25.  Today, it’s 30-day moving average rests at $.29.  In my eyes, a $.04 jump in the 30-day MA is an indicator that this company will steadily increase over the next few months.  And check out the volume over the past couple of days (970K on Friday and 1.7mil today).  People are going to start to take notice.

3) SPEX – Spherix has some great long-term potential.  This is definitely my ace-in-the-hole for 2010.  It has a promising drug in Naturlose that has been given positive results in a Phase 3 trial.  It will most likely try to find a partner and look for FDA approval of its drug in late 2010 or early 2011.  I’ll be watching over this stock closely.

Again, as stated at the bottom of the website, these postings are for Tendo and my trades only.  Do your own DD (due diligence) and research when buying or selling any securities based on our or other people’s postings.  Do not base your decisions to buy or sell securities on this website.