O & T Investments began in the dorms of Boston in early 2006 when two computer science majors (with dual majors in Mathematics and Business) decided that in order to reach their goal of not having to work  9 – 5 jobs for the rest of their lives, they would have to find ways to grow their assets quickly.  Like most, the stock market seemed like a place where smart decisions could make this a reality.  As college students, however, capital wasn’t exactly something which was easy to come by.  For the first couple of years, O & T (last name initials for the two founders) spent time researching the market, studying different trading strategies, and paper trading stocks to test performance.   In their final semester of college in 2008, with some chump change they had saved up, both O (Tendo) and T (CTeezy) opened up their portfolios and began trading.  Despite the recession laden market we began our trading in, we were able to stay afloat and avoid any catastrophic losses.  After graduating from Northeastern and finding ourselves with full-time jobs and graduation money, our porftolios took on more capital towards the end of 2008.  While it seemed that the market was on the verge of collapse early in 2009, O & T employed the strategies they had been studying for years to avoid severe financial losses.  Recognizing the patterns of the market they were able to capitalize on the sinking markets and turn in profits, despite the falling markets.  Tendo even managed to finish the year ranked #1 on for concentrated portfolios (#3 for portfolios under $50,0000 and #7 overall).  This prompted O & T to try something new in 2010.  Many of our closest friends new about the successes we had been having on the markets and wanted in.  Since we aren’t registered brokers or investment advisors, the only real solution was to start up our own website where we could post our findings for all to see.

Investment Style

We like to focus on small and mid-cap stocks and will employ techniques ranging from market timing, to swing trading, to momentum plays. We like to focus on materials, tech, oil and biotech companies because we’ve had positions working for companies in all of those sectors and know that is where our expertise lies.