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Rollercoaster Ride: Spherix

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What a crazy day today was! In case you didn’t hear, Spherix announced that their Phase 3 Trial of D-Tagatose for treatment of Type 2 Diabetes revealed satistically significant reduction in HbA1c (blood glucose) levels. This shot the stock all the way up to as high as 2.80 Pre-Market! I was pretty stoked, since this […]

CTIC Update

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Tomorrow, the FDA is scheduled to review Cell Theraputics’ drug Pixantrone (brand name is “Pixuvri”) for the treatment of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.  According to the company, patients treated with the drug in a Phase III trial attained a high rate of remissions compared to those patients treated with normal chemotherapy.  Last month, however, the FDA raised […]

Lately, biotechs have been heating up the market, which is why I bring to you another such company: Cell Theraputics, Inc (CTIC).  On Thursday, I had mentioned to Tendo after researching some stocks that CTIC looked to be a good one to invest in, for I saw many similarities to that of GNVC.  Not following […]